About Me

Hello. Cody Goodwin here. Welcome to my website.

A little about myself: I’m from Kansas City, Missouri, but chose to attend the University of Iowa, where I studied Journalism & Mass Communication, Sports Studies, and English for four years. I graduated in May of 2015.

Currently: I live in Des Moines, where I work as a Sports Writer for The Des Moines Register. I primarily cover wrestling and high school sports.

Before I made the move to Des Moines, I spent a year in Ames, just 30 minutes north on I-35, where I wrote for the Ames Tribune. I covered high school sports and the Iowa State women’s basketball team while also helping with the sports section’s social media presence and multimedia push.

During my four years in Iowa City, I spent most of my time in the newsroom of The Daily Iowan, the award-winning student publication. Though I became the primary beat writer for the Iowa football and wrestling teams (and specialized in longer-form features), I wrote at least one story on every single Hawkeye sport, tried my hand in book reviews, and even wrote a handful of hard-news stories and features. I served as editor of the Sports Section and the Daily Iowan’s Pregame, dabbled in some on-camera work, and won a handful of state-wide and national writing awards during my time there.

Prior to my coming to Iowa City, I spent three years as a staff writer for my high-school publication, The Trojan, at Park Hill High School in Kansas City. I also was the lead sports anchor for Park Hill’s award-winning student broadcasting station, Trojan TV News. Even more, I wrestled, participated in Student Government, and was a part of TARKUS, a club dedicated to enhancing Black and Red fandom among students.

I grew up in a smaller community called Weatherby Lake my entire life with both mom and dad (Sheryl and Jeff). I have one older sister, Kelsey, and two younger brothers, Alec and Erik (they’re twins). We also have two dogs, Gizmo and Gus. All seven of them mean the world to me.

I chose to pursue journalism as a career because I developed a passion for telling stories. Writing is a form of art I’ve learned to love since my sophomore year of high school, and through that, I’ve found that sitting behind my computer screen gives me an amazingly homey feeling. Journalism might be changing, but it will never die, and as long as there are interesting people out there, I will be chomping at the chance to tell their stories.

If you’d like to get ahold of me, you can do so in a myriad of ways. You can Tweet me, Facebook me, add me on LinkedIn, or send me an Email at codyjgoodwin@gmail.com. (Or you can just open your front door and yell for me, if you’re into that kind of thing.)

I hope you enjoy my website, and more importantly, I hope you enjoy my work. And if you’ve gotten this far, thanks so much for reading.




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